How to eat to reduce belly fat?

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Answer the question on your mind: How to eat to reduce belly fat?

Dividing food into appropriate proportions. This allows us to control and prevent excess fat from adding to the body. It’s a formula that helps you get complete nutrients in the right amount. It is best Applying it to everyday life is very easy. This results in sustainable behavior change..both in the short and long term.

1.) Why don’t you get thin after fasting?

Many people, the more they starve, the fatter they become. Because when people do not receive nutrients or do not receive enough The body will adjust to deal with “Malnutrition” to maintain life By trying to reduce the burning of energy. Makes the body’s temperature lower. Stomach function will decrease. Including fat burning, it will be less efficient as well.

2.) Does 2:1:1 really help? 

In order to give the body a good metabolism. Therefore, we must eat food correctly and appropriately. This refers to both quantity and quality, such as dividing a plate of food to include 2 parts of vegetables, 1 part of meat, and 1 part of flour (rice or bread). Research has ufabet clearly confirmed that eating fresh vegetables, boiled vegetables, steamed vegetables, or fruit various types of wood By having the amount in the proportion of half or two-quarters of every meal menu (approximately 400 grams or more per day), it can reduce the risk of developing chronic non-communicable diseases. It also helps to lose weight in a real and sustainable way. When exercising together

3.) Then can I just eat vegetables?

Some people seriously reject meat. Focus on eating salad or fruit with every meal instead of the main meal. Because I believe that I will definitely be thin. The result was that he ended up lying in bed at the hospital. Because the body lacks nutrients and protein. And eating only vegetables won’t help your stomach. Soon you’ll be hungry or hungry and you’ll have to go eat there and there will be more. Therefore, you must eat rice or other starches to provide important energy to the body. But it’s digested quickly. If you’re full quickly, you’ll be hungry again after a while. Therefore, they must eat meat as well, which takes longer to digest and is heavier on the stomach. Makes you not hungry quickly In addition, meat also contains tyrosine. which helps control the craving for sweets, including L-carnitine, which helps stimulate the metabolism. Helps burn fat So instead of choosing not to eat Try changing to eating wisely. Emphasis on the quality and appropriate amount of food. This will be the correct way to lose weight.

4.) Rice makes you fat.

They keep saying that they will stop eating rice. Especially girls who believe that in their minds, no matter how much they eat, they will only get fat. In fact, rice, flour, and bread contain minerals, vitamins, and dietary fiber. which is important and necessary for the body Just choose to eat rice or flour that has nutritional value, such as unpolished rice, whole wheat bread, millet, beans, grains, corn, taro, potatoes, etc. And most importantly, don’t forget that this rice or flour must specified in a proportion of only 1 in. 4 of the dishes as well