Simeone believes his style can win the Premier League.

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Diego Simeone believes his defense-first style will enable him to win the Premier League too. Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone believes his team’s defense-first style can be successful in managing a Premier League team as well. According to a report from ‘Cadena. Sir’ last Tuesday. 

Simeone has often been criticized for his style and defensive play in the past. But in recent years ‘El Cholo’ teams have become more open. Which the Argentinian trainer revealed is a way of working to make the players play with maximum efficiency ทางเข้า UFABET 

‘I like to play well. all my life I like to play well. In Estudiantes La Plata we played with Sosa and Veron in the river (Plate) with Ortega, Falcao, Buonanotte. Then we also had other players. other football players And we adapted.’


Simeone admits he likes his team to play strong defensively first and foremost. This approach makes him believe that he has a chance to succeed in the Premier League as well. 

‘If you ask me what I identify myself with, I like playing good defense. You watch English football and it’s 4-4, 6-3 but no one defends. I’ve watched it and I don’t think anyone defended. And I thought that if I could and came closer to them in attack. I can become a champion too. Barca won the title last year because of their strong defence.’

Simeone further explained the team’s current change in style and tactics. Saying: ‘At River we play with a 5-3-2 system as well. What happened is today the team wanted us to play differently. Go feel comfortable and feel good like this. When you find a way to play that the players feel good about. You have to stick with it. Before we played differently’

‘I don’t like the comparison method. The other team was a very physical team. You remember Gabi, Diego Ribas, Miranda, Godin, Costa, Juanfran, Felipe. That team was based on counter-attacking. Pressure, and there are different types of footballers who want a different way of playing.’