‘Ricketts family’ hopes to talk to Singha fans after anti-takeover

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Ricketts family Set off for London to meet Chelsea and a group of fans. Amid the protests from the disciples who did not want to see them become the new team owners.

A Chelsea transfer is pending significant progress, with the Rain Group meeting to narrow down the options to just the right capital for a takeover of the club.

An announcement is expected to happen soon. And owners of the “Sing the Blues” will likely change hands in just a month ‘s time, according

to ufabet Sports News ‘s trip to London. Ricketts family Is to talk to the club’s key stakeholders, including the team’s fans.

Ricketts family He was hit by strong opposition from the fans. Specifically, there has been a scandal that family boss Joe Ricketts. Was racist in an email that leaked out three years ago.

The leaked email showed Joe Ricketts calling Muslims “my enemy,” prompting him to apologize for the comments,

his son Tom, the Chicago Cubs chairman. The baseball team and the person who made an offer to buy Chelsea distanced himself from his father.

Ricketts family It also released a statement confirming that they are against racism and Islam. Ready to pledge that if the club.

Tom himself spoke with Conservative MPs on Monday. Before leaving for the UK,

they had Kane Groffin back in their bid to buy the club. 

However, there are competitors like Todd Bohly’s capital group that also come from America. Including Nick Candy’s capital group, which recently raised more offers after being backed by capital in South Korea.