Ramsdale father complains that ‘Ta’ has made his child’s smile disappear.

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Aaron Ramsdale father complains about loss of his son’s smile In the midst of a situation where it seems that. The England goalkeeper is losing the battle for Arsenal‘s number 1 position.

Despite being a regular for the Gunners since his arrival in 2021. Ramsdale has dropped to second choice at the start of the current season following the arrival of David Raya on loan UFABET 

since then He rarely played for the north London side again, with Raya starting in both the Premier League and Champions League.

The decision was controversial. With many fans choosing Ramsdale over the newcomers. Which sometimes shows overconfidence in controlling the ball with the feet and made many mistakes.

Most recently, Ramsdale’s father claimed his son was losing his sense of optimism. And also criticized the way Mikel Arteta dismissed the goalkeeper.

“Aaron becomes the cup goalkeeper and David Raya is the main man unless something happens. Whether it was an injury or being sent off the field.” Nick Ramsdale said.

“Aaron has to live with that. And he lived with that without being told anything. Whoever it is, you have to give people a chance for God’s sake.”

“Even if it were, in my eyes it is wrong and we can talk about that. But it is a decision.”

“Aaron has lost that smile when he’s on the ball in this moment and it’s difficult. It’s very difficult to see him there. And we all say you have to keep smiling.”