“Pogba” said he played for the national team, the form was better than the devil

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Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba talks about his performance in the France national team His is better than the main club because of a clearer playing position. The

29-year-old moved from Juventus back to the “Red Devils” in 2016 for a fee of up to 89 million pounds, but with Personal and team performance over the past 6 years has not met expectations. So referred to as one of the players who have always been criticized.

“I have to admit that I did better in the national team. It is true,” Pogba told Ufabet

. “I had more time to play and the system was different at the club. At the national team I played in my position. I know my duty I feel the confidence from the coaches and the players in the team.”

“It’s normal to feel different at United because it’s hard to find consistency when you’re constantly changing positions, team systems or team-mates,”

said Didier Deschamps. He let me play in a position that I already knew, but at Manchester United asked if I really had a position? I’ve asked this same question. But there is no answer

. It will expire after the end of this season.

“I would like to win trophies and keep improving to replace the times when I didn’t have trophies on hand. To be honest, I’m not at all satisfied with the last 5 years. And this year is over. We will be empty-handed for another year. I would like to win more trophies whether at Manchester United or another club.”