Hoilund tells FC the elder Ronaldo and Evans.

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Manchester United striker Rasmus Hoilund opens his heart as a Red Devils fan since the 2008 Champions League final, with a poster boy Cristiano Ronaldo. Do and gilded centre-back Jonny Evans are favourites.

Hoilund, who joined from Atalanta for £ 72m on a five-year deal with the option to extend for one more season, made his debut in front of Old Trafford fans. Went on the weekend It’s time to sit and stare at ‘MUTV’ about the events that made him a ‘Red Devils’ fan.

“My first memory as a Manchester United fan was probably when I was a kid wearing the team shirt. I think that’s one of those memories.”ufabet 

Said the 20-year-old. 

“Some memories from watching the game are when United won the 2008 Champions League on penalties against Chelsea.” 

“My father instilled a liking for Manchester United in his head and then started following everyone at the club. Which, of course, is serious about English Premier League football and all the surroundings.” 

“Watching the games of the regular team, obviously Cristiano Ronaldo was an idol at that time. Follow it, the whole player, the whole United team .” 

“ What I like about Cristiano is both his quality and his big heart. You were a tough boy , you got past that , hungry to be the best. and accomplished it from the very beginning of his career. ”  

“ There was an interview with Ronaldo with Anderson and Rio Ferdinand that the press made: Who is the best player in the world ? Then Cristiano replied – It’s me -” 

“Respect him. is that your intent is to be the best player And that heart and heart that I want to have too.”

“I want to molt my best body.” 

And the reason he says Hoilund is living is because he praised Evans, a defender he used to watch as a child. Which today returns to be a United player again 

“The player I saw on the pitch was pleasing to the eye, it was Jonny Evans of course, and you’re here right now!”

“I faced him when playing for the national team (Denmark-Northern Ireland). Really, everyone likes it.” 

Evans is yet to officially contract from Manchester United, only during the 2023 pre – season, being called up to help compete. Even if there is a trend that the manager of the Erik Ten Hag team is ready to award a 1- year contract