Hammer prepares to add a handguard. ‘Frankfurt fans’ visit next week

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West Ham United prepare to strengthen extra security. To cope with the visit of Eintracht Frankfurt fans for next week’s Europa League game,

Frankfurt fans created a stir with a massive visit to Barcelona. As many as 30,000 people, West Ham are concerned that a large number of Liverpool fans. Will visit London even without tickets to the game.

Even so, the two clubs, the stadium administrators and the police were in constant talks. In order to prepare to prevent further problems

They will strengthen both the field guards and the police. To cope with one of the most important games at the London Stadium. Since West Ham moved to use it as the home ground.

Frankfurt’s quarter-final visit to Barcelona was a thing as some 15,000 of their fans managed. To find a way to buy tickets in the home seats. the UFABET report

Barca manager Xavi Hernandez said the huge crowds of Frankfurt fans had a detrimental effect on the match, with the Reds winning 3-2. finalist

The likelihood of a similar incident next week exists, after West Ham said tickets sold to club members would be open to the public tomorrow (Thursday)

, however the game was one. In one of the most important games for West Ham in years, it is expected that home tickets will be sold out before they reach the general public

. Sevilla and Olympique Lyon are eliminated

if they pass Frankfurt, then they reach the European final for the first time since the 1976 Cup Winners’ Cup.