‘girlfriend’s Felix’ denies secretly kissing Lisbon

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Atletico Madrid forward Maqui Corcero, the girlfriend of Joao Felix forward Maki Corcero, has denied having an affair with Sporting Lisbon star Pedro Porro

. 22 years, dating a young actress since 2019, however, the woman was heavily attacked by rumors that she was secretly cheating.

A video has been released of Porro ignoring the requests of the children. Who wants his shirt after the game before sending it to Maki who is waiting instead

There is also a picture inside a nightclub that has come out. by stating that The two of them were exchanging saliva passionately.

that makes a beautiful girl Had to come out to correct the news immediately, saying, “If I want to kiss someone in private It must not be at Lust, especially in the VIP room with a small balcony. with a view of the nightclub less and more” Felix told UFABET

“I still don’t understand that. Those gentlemen who recorded the video and then described it. I forgot to record what I was talking about. Who are you hugging with? both with others and other players.

” There must have been too many elements.”

“There was no kissing at all and There really is nothing at all.”

“I’m starting to understand things. It’s out of control It makes me and Chow exhausted.”

“On the other hand, I’m also amused to be judged by people who don’t know anything about me. You guys don’t even understand what’s going on.”

“It’s so exaggerated. The message they are sending They’re sending death threats…people are crazy.”

“I found Porro. A few months ago by chance at a group dinner. Then we had a good time together. We are good friends, I like him, he is fantastic and the people who know him know that very well.”

Porro, who recently moved from Manchester City to Sporting. Permanently last week, adding, “The situation that happened yesterday and today was awkward.”

“I have a special relationship with her. No one is unfaithful to each other. My image will not be affected by anything like this. I can do whatever I want.”

“Stop ruining the image of the three of us because it’s nothing like this.”