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Blackjack Review It is a card game that we are familiar with the name well. But rarely anyone has really played it once, including adding himself. Most people are well aware that this kind of card game exists in real casinos. which sometimes we may not be confident and therefore do not dare to play this kind of card game, which playing blackjack on mobile Let me tell you that it’s definitely not as difficult as you think. In general playing of this type of card game is The dealer will deal 2 cards to the Player and the Banker each. If the person with the closest hand to 21 is considered the winner. It is a form of a game or that is already defined according to international standards. 

blackjack ufabet Usually, this game is an online blackjack game. That is very easy to play, but most people think that it’s not fun or difficult to play, but for admins, it’s not difficult. It will be a game similar to Pokdeng. The dealer will deal two cards to each side, if the hand of the one who has 21 points, 16 points and the points must not or be closest to. Most importantly, the points must not exceed 12 points.

How to play and counting points Blackjack Review easy on mobile

Blackjack Bet   in playing blackjack There will be another way to increase our chances of winning against the dealer which is If the player and the banker have the same number of cards in their hand or get cards of the same number We will split the card points out and get 21 points, for example A 

with 10/ A and K / which if we get a card in this pattern is called Blackjack 

  • Hit means Fight, the player must draw 1 more card in order to get even.
  • Satnd means to stop if the hand has a satisfied card. Stop and wait to see which team will win.
  • Double means it will increase the amount by 2 times the deposited amount.
  • Split means to split two cards apart. which has to be placed in the original
  • Insurance refers to the insurance amount. If you have cards in your hand, come out of 2 sets and increase your bet.