Lemon, a citrus fruit, enhances the flavor of food and has many benefits.

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Lemon, a citrus fruit enhances the flavor of food and has many benefits.

Get To Know Lemons, A Fruit High In Vitamin C. Lemons are native to the eastern region of India. and has become more widely popular today Because it helps enhance the sour taste of both drinks and food. It has a pronounced sour taste. and the fragrance that sticks to the nose. In addition, lemon also has healing properties. And delay the onset of various diseases such as anemia, cancer and heart disease, and also prevent colds. Because lemons are high in vitamin C.

Detox the internal systems of the body.
Detox or to explain it a little easier is The process of removing waste and toxins from our body. and does not cause harm to the body to keep the intestines clean Causes food scraps and fat that adhere to the intestinal wall to be expell. and make the intestines work normally A good time to detox is 5:00 AM – 7:00 AM. (fruit)

How to make
: Use half a lemon. Squeeze the mixture into 1 glass of warm water, mix well, then drink.

The immune system is stronger. We will have fewer colds!!
In 100 grams of lemon, there are up to 53 milligrams of vitamin C. Of course, vitamin C will help make us less likely to catch colds. Therefore, drinking warm water mix with lemon juice continuously for at least 3 consecutive months will definitely make the girls have a stronger immune system and not be affect by changes in the weather. Repoet by สมัคร ufabet

Lemon reduces stress
if the PH quotient in our body is not balance. It will cause the stress level in our body to increase. And if the acid level in our body increases, it makes us feel sick. Uncomfortable and the stomach doesn’t work properly. Lemon juice helps balance the acidity in the body.