How to Get Rid of Smelly Feet

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Feet do sweat and get smelly from time to time, especially in warm climates, but for some people, it is an embarrassing problem that can affect their lifestyle, work and relationships. They live in fear of taking their shoes off. The medical term for smelly feet is bromodosis. The good news is that there are many remedies to help decrease feet odor.

To understand how to fight smelly feet, one has to understand what causes the condition. Usually, bacteria and moisture combined are the main cause of smelly feet. Bacteria are found naturally on people’s feet.

Feet there are several ways to combat this condition. Here are some simple home remedies and habits that you can practice that should help. Report by ทางเข้า ufabet

Treating smelly feet

To treat the condition effectively, you need to understand the real cause of foot odour. As bacteria and fungi thrive in warm, dark, moist environments like sweaty shoes and socks, the pathogens themselves must be treat and destroy. This is done using ultraviolet light, antifungal and antibacterial creams, depending on which pathogen is causing the smell.

To help demote your infection at home, try:

Foot creams, powders and anti-fungal sprays

Regular showers and frequent changing of footwear and socks

Wearing open-toed shoes in warmer weather

Discarding smelly shoes

Wearing different shoes every day

Cleaning shoes in the washing machine

Methylated spirits